How to write better articles: Writing Tips for beginners

Writing can be a tedious job to do if you are a beginner. To ease out the process of article writing, i will be giving you 5 amazing tips that can make you a speed writer.

Let us start by discussing the format of Articles.


An article is a piece of writing which consists of an introduction, a body and a conclusion.

INTRODUCTION-An introduction is the most crucial part of an article. An attractive introduction makes the reader stay till the end, whereas a boring introduction doesn’t have the holding capability.

BODY-The body consists of all the factual information that you have gathered through research. It is the main element of the article and decides the quality of an article

CONCLUSION-Conclusion consists of the writers point of view and the overall summary of the introduction and body. It completes the article and makes it different from just “Factual” Information.

5 writings tips that can help you write faster and better.


Planning plays a crucial role when it comes to article writing. As a content writer, i generally give 40% of the total time to planning process.

Planning process involves:

  1. Selection of the topic
  2. In Depth Research
  3. Clarity of concept
  4. Filtration of ideas
  5. Generation of a strong introduction


Steps to compose an article:

Composition is an important element of any written document. A well-composed article is the one which is easily readable and nevigable.

  • Start with the introduction
  • For body paragraph, filter the facts
  • Arrange them in the order: Most Important to least important
  • End with the Conclusion

This way you can finish the article in one sitting and can have a clarity of what and where to write.


Coherence can be defined as logical bridging between the sentences. In simple terms, it means that every consecutive sentence should be linked to the previous one. This makes the article intriguing.

How to enhance coherence?

  • Plan well
  • Use connectors
  • Keep the central idea of each paragraph same
  • Keep the context of the consecutive lines in mind

Unity means that every paragraph should reflect the central idea of the article. An article which has unity can increase the retention of the reader. In order to maintain unity, the writer must not deviate from the main idea and purpose of the article.

How to increase unity?

  • Use similar structure throughout the article
  • Don’t go in depth about something less important
  • Don’t forget the central idea
  • Make sure that your format is easy flowing.


Keywords can play a major role in increasing the readership of your article, both in print media and in Digital media.

Use the right amount of keywords in your article to enhance its readability in print media as the readers search for required information in articles and relevant keywords makes it easier for them.

In digital media, use of keywords results in better search results and organic traffic to your website.

How to get best keywords for your article?

In digital terms keywords can be defined as the possible search words which the reader will type in the search bar, while searching for that query. There are multiple types of keywords. To find the suitable keyword, you can use websites like ubersuggests or google analytics.


People generally avoid reading long texts. To hold that particular audience, you must engage them in such a way that they stay. The best way to do this is to break the body text into small paragraphs. This makes the text more readable, more interesting.

Furthermore, this helps to bind the readers to the article.

So, in the world of consecutive deadlines, a format of writing gives you a time window to inculcate your own element in the writings. These were some tips you can use to build your format and can become an efficient writer.

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